For sale: one mint Falcon GTHO

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Words: Nile Bijoux   |   Photos Lloyds Auctioneers
13 Jun 2018

Aussie cricket legend, Jeff “Thommo” Thomson, is putting his 1971 Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III under the hammer next month and reckons it could fetch upwards of $A1 million.

Thomson was one of Australia’s best fast bowlers, and is evidently a bit of a fan of Aussie muscle. He bought the Phase III ‘Hoey’ in the late 1980s for $AU23,000, meaning a healthy profit if it sells for a seven-digit figure. Thomson’s guess probably isn’t far off the mark, as a similar car sold for $750,000 back in 2007.

“This car broke a record for being the fastest four-door car in the world. Since Australian car manufacturing has ceased, it seems to me that prices have kicked on and Lloyds Auctions are set to break another record,” said the ex-bowler.

Less than a hundred Phase III GTHO’s are understood to still be alive and kicking, and this one is highly original. The factory seat belts, carpets and even spare tyre are still there. “This car has a soul. Everybody knows where it has been.” It comes with original log books and even photos of Jeff Thomson in the Falcon.

Power comes from a 351 cubic inch (5.75-litre) Cleveland V8, with a claimed 225kW. Owners, however, disagree and some say it outputs up to 280kW. The power went rearward through a classic four-on-the-floor manual gearbox.

The GTHO got special 15-inch five-spoke alloys and had improved brakes and suspension. When it first went on sale, it was branded the world’s fastest four-door production car.

The iconic car will be up for sale at the Lloyds Classic Car Auction in Bathurst, where the GTHO won the 500-mile Bathurst race in 1971. Other sales of note include the ‘Red Rocket’ Holden Torana A9X four-door prototype and the Ford ute that towed Allan Moffat’s Mustang race car.


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