Fisker shows off Ocean SUV at CES

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Words: Nile Bijoux
8 Jan 2020

Fisker’s upcoming Ocean SUV received its full debut at CES this week, along with some juicy key details.

According to the carmaker, the Ocean will use an 80kWh battery to achieve a claimed range of 480km and, in its most powerful configuration, will hit 60mph (96km/h) in a smidge under three seconds. Two- and all-wheel drive configurations will be available. Fisker is also working on solid-state battery technology, which could allow for ultra-fast charging in future EVs. The claim of 800km in one minute is hard to believe though.

CES also provided our first look at the interior of the SUV. Fisker has gone for a minimal approach, with a large touchscreen front and centre and a smaller digital instrument cluster behind the wheel. There are two wireless chargers while a head-up display can show song lyrics while music is playing, if you’re the singalong type.

Below the centre screen are five haptic buttons, allowing quick access to the home screen, fan speed, temperature, an up/down selector and volume.

Fisker says the Ocean is the "the world’s most sustainable vehicle", with plenty of recycled, vegan and other natural products used. An optional full-length solar roof will offer an extra 1600km of range each year and bottles, fishing nets, T-shirts and tyres have all been recycled for use throughout the cabin.

Production is scheduled to begin in 2021, with American prices starting at around $US37,499, undercutting the forthcoming Tesla Model Y (starting at $US39,000 in its cheapest form).

Australia is also set to get Fisker models sometime in 2022, meaning we might be in with a shot as well. Should anything come of the venture, that is.


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