Fifty-year-old Monaro sells for top dollar

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Words: NZ Autocar
29 Jun 2020

An Australian shelled out $A750k for an iconic Holden HT Monaro race car over the weekend, making it the highest price paid for a Holden yet.

The 1969 HT Monaro GTS350 is a past Bathurst winner, driven by Colin Bond and Tony Roberts in the same year that the car was built. It was also the vehicle that spawned the Holden Dealer Team, and had 40,000 race kilometres on the clock when it went to auction.

The 57D race car is remaining in Australia, despite outside interest. Seven were bidding for the car but in the end two Australians duked it out, according to the Chief Operations Officer for Lloyds Auctions, a Mr Hames. That may have been because the vehicle was flagged as a potential export ban at the last minute by the Australian government.

Australian market cars weren’t the only ones set to break records with strong prices for American and European vehicles as well. And 95 per cent of vehicles sold during the five-hour live event which had bidders from around the globe.

That said, most vehicles sold were bought by Australians, and results of events like this demonstrate that Australian car fanatics have lost none of their passion despite recent events.

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