Ferrari Roma to birth new hybrid?

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Words: Nile Bijoux
18 Nov 2019

Ferrari’s front-engined Roma debuted last week, featuring a new modular chassis which, according to Ferrari’s commercial boss Enrico Galliera, was designed from the start to accept hybrid power.

However, Galliera was quick to snuff any rumours of an electrified Roma. “We are able to electrify the platform, but we are not foreseeing a hybridis of this,” he said at the model’s launch. “We would never do it on the same model.”

While that might be a shame to some, it does suggest Ferrari is working on another all-new hybrid model rather than greening its line-up with hybrid versions of existing models.

The newcomer would theoretically sit below the SF90 Stradale plug-in hybrid, which will likely cost well over one million dollars. A junior hybrid could expand the range nicely, potentially sitting below the 488 Pista. “It’s for people who would love to drive a sports car or a Ferrari, but might be a bit afraid of one,” Galliera said.

“This car will attract people who have never driven a sports car, who drive something less aggressive and now want something a bit more extreme.”

Don’t expect it any time soon though, with Galliera saying Ferrari was a bit “launched out” for the moment. “We committed to introduce 15 new models in the five-year plan, and now we’ve done five. Something will happen in the future [with hybridisation].

“But it will not happen next year. For us, 2020 is a year of consolidation.”

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