Ferrari Purosangue will have more power than Urus

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Words: Nile Bijoux
10 Jul 2019

Once upon a time, Ferrari pledged never to build an SUV. Today, we have news that the codename, Purosangue, will be used for a Ferrari-badged high rider rocking more power than the Lamborghini Urus.

Of course, Fezza won’t call it an SUV, as Purosangue is Italian for ‘thoroughbred’, which gives you a hint as to Ferrari’s intent.

In any case, Ferrari looks to be packing a hybrid V8 into the Purosangue, which will ride on a new front-engine, GT platform which will also underpin some upcoming, more conventional grand tourers.

The petrol engine will power the rear wheels while the electric motor(s) will turn the fronts to enable all-wheel-drive.

As for power, expect it to trounce the 478kW Urus. Especially if it uses the same powertrain as the new SF90 mid-engined sports car, which pairs two electric units on the front axle and a highly tuned 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 sitting behind the driver. Factor in an MGUK (Motor Generator Unit, Kinetic) electric motor residing on the rear axle and you have 735kW, or just shy of 1000 horsepower, and 800Nm of twist.

Expect to pay plenty for all that grunt. Early estimates have it at $US350k, which translates to comfortably over half a million Kiwi dollars. The Urus, meanwhile, starts at $NZ339,000.

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