Ferrari considering 250 GTO continuation?

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Words: Nile Bijoux
13 Mar 2018

Ferrari’s CEO recently mentioned the possibility of restarting production of the iconic 250 GTO, in a similar way to Jaguar’s new-old XKSS.

Sitting down with Top Gear, outgoing Ferrari boss, Sergio Marchionne, hinted at bringing back the 250 GTO but stopped short of fully committing. "What Jaguar has done with the lightweight cars is clever, but reinventing the 250 is a tough gig, and living off the spoils of the past is a bad habit to get into."

"But there’s definitely a platform there, and hopefully we can show you something in the next few years."

The Jaguar projects he is referencing began with the E-Type Lightweight revival run and continued with the XKSS. Soon there will be 25 ‘new’ D-Types on the road too. Following Jaguar’s success with the idea, Aston Martin recreated the DB4 GT and the current owner of the AC brand built nine more examples of the 1962 Cobra.

Only 39 examples of Ferrari’s 250 GTO were built, including a handful of 330 GTOs, which had the 250 body with a larger 4.0-litre V12 engine. The more common models used a 3.0L V12 designed for racing but with the ability to be used on the road too. Each model was hand built, which resulted in tiny differences between examples.

Hopefully, there will be more on this in the next few years, as per Marchionne’s word.

Image credit: Marty B via Flickr


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