Feast your ears on this epic 9.5-litre LS-based V12

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Words: Nile Bijoux   |   Photos Fullboost via YouTube
18 Oct 2019

The LS swap is popular in the tuning world thanks to the GM engine’s compact design, reliability and affordability (if you’re American). But what if you want all the LS perks without the V8 rumble? That’s where Race Cast Engineering comes in, an Australian-based company that has created a 9.5-litre, twelve-cylinder monster out of an LSX mill.

It’s taken them a few years but the massive V12 is working and going well. It produces 559kW of power with 814Nm of twist and, despite retaining the pushrod valvetrain, it revs to 7100rpm. That’s due to Race Cast using the shorter 3.62-inch stroke found on smaller LS engines.

The iron block is similar to the 7.0-litre LSX engine which should give it a bit of longevity and extra room to grow. In fact, the video above says this is the base engine running a safe tune. Adding a hotter cam and pushing the tune can apparently yield power numbers over 1000hp (745kW).

The engine will be shown at SEMA, powering a new Factory Five Racing project. And, if you have a lot of money doing nothing, you can order one for yourself. A turn-key version of the V12 can be yours for $US55,200 ($NZ86.9k) although there are (slightly) cheaper options if you’re the DIY type.

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