Fast & Furious franchise set to finish for good

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Words: Matthew Hansen
21 Oct 2020

You either love them or you utterly despise them, but regardless of persuasion most motoring enthusiasts must concede that the Fast & Furious film franchise has played a role in recruiting a generation of gearheads. And, its time on the big screen looks set to finish up in the coming years.

According to a report by Deadline, the highly profitable franchise is set for three more films total before being wrapped up seemingly for good. The ninth film in the series (not including spin offs like Hobbs & Shaw) is currently being filmed, with two more movies set to come before the franchise closes its doors.

Both are said to be produced by Universal, and directed by Justin Lin — the name behind the likes of Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift, as well as the fourth, fifth, sixth, and upcoming ninth installments in the series.

Critics and car enthusiasts alike have had a love/hate relationship with the series. Critics widely panned the early movies in the franchise, before warming to the shift towards illogical action plots and crazy stunts in the latter films. Car enthusiasts, meanwhile, widely resent the franchise’s shift to action and away from street racing. Although for many, they’re still a guilty pleasure watch.

Although most on the set of the very first film (released in 2001) didn’t expect the series to have any longevity, it’s since become one of the most profitable action series’ of the new millennium — most earning US$150m and upwards at the box office in the time since. It’s currently Universal’s most profitable franchise in its history.

It’s been indicated that the last two films are likely to form a part 1 and part 2 of the same plot. Curiously, the Deadline report states that the 10th and 11th films will represent the last entries in the Fast & Furious ‘core franchise’. Perhaps we have a dozen Hobbs & Shaws to ‘look forward to’, then?



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