Euro Z4 gets manual option, good news for Supra?

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Words: Nile Bijoux
20 May 2019

BMW has revealed a few updates for its Z4 roadster, the main addition being an optional manual gearbox.

It’s only available for the base sDrive20i, with the range-topping M40i sticking with the automatic. New Zealand only gets the latter, so do-it-yourself gearbox enthusiasts who want a sporty convertible might have to stick with the MX-5 for now.

As interesting as a manual Z4 might be, the implications are far more tantalising.

We know Toyota played with the idea of a manual A90 Supra but the production model will only come with an eight-speed automatic, the same unit found in the Z4.

The hardware is there and in right-hand-drive, said assistant chief engineer Masayuki Ka last year, it’s more a matter of convincing the bean counters. But Toyota will reportedly listen to what the market wants, so it’s likely it will watch the sales figures of the three-pedal Z4 closely.

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