EU proposes black boxes and speed limiters for all new cars

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Words: Nile Bijoux
6 Dec 2018

Big Brother could be on its way to the automotive world if a new European Commission proposal gains traction.

The systems would monitor speed and safety systems as well as mandating automatic speed limiting. A data-logging black box would collect information “such as the car’s speed or the state of activation of the car’s safety systems before, during and after a collision,” the proposal read.

According to those putting the proposal forward, somehow some 25,000 lives could be saved over 16 years they reckon.

Opposition is expected by the German government’s representatives, who want to protect their automotive industry as well as the country’s high-speed autobahns. The unlimited sections of highway are policed by fast machinery from the likes of Porsche, Mercedes-Benz/ Mercedes-AMG, BMW/BMW M, and Audi/Audi Sport.

Despite Britain being set to leave the EU, Prime Minister Theresa May, has confirmed it will adopt EU vehicle compliance regulations post-Brexit.

The systems would not be able to be deactivated or tampered with.

Such technology is already available, with Ford Europe’s Stefan Kappes saying that around two-thirds of Ford vehicles in Europe are sold with speed-limiting capability. However, the technology is optional and drivers can switch it on and off at will.

Less intrusive measures in the proposal include making autonomous emergency braking and lane-keeping assist systems as standard. It also mentions mandatory reversing sensors, driver-fatigue detection systems, bigger pedestrian-impact protection zones at the front of the cars and rear lights that flash under hard braking.

If the proposal passes the European Parliament in one form or another, the Council will discuss with member states to reach an agreement by early next year. Carmakers will then have to adopt the changes in order to sell vehicles in the EU.

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