Emotional noise an $800 option for the Porsche Taycan

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Words: Nile Bijoux
18 Sep 2019

There are plenty of car lovers out there interested in EVs but dissuaded by their lack of an exhaust note. Porsche’s new Taycan is a step toward converting some to electric power and, buried in the options list, is a way to get some of that aural pleasure back.

It’s called "Electric Sport Sound", which adds simulated "motor" noises both inside and outside of the vehicle. Porsche reckons it makes the car sound “more emotional.”

Usually, these sorts of things sound a bit naff but we’ll wait until we can try it out first hand before judging.

Interested? Be prepared to fork out $US500 ($NZ789) for the digital sound. That’s a lot for what’s essentially an MP3 file but, then again, Porsche has a tendency to charge extra for basically everything.


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