Electric Ford F-150 Lightning secrets revealed in video

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Words: Matthew Hansen
31 May 2021

Unless you live under a rock, you’ll be well aware of the unveiling of Ford’s new F-150 Lightning earlier this month. It’s been touted as one of the most important electric-car reveals of the year, and now more details of the model have been uncovered.

While the name Marques Brownlee might be unknown to most, he’s one of the most influential tech reporters and YouTubers on the planet. Recently more manufacturers have involved him and his MKBHD online channel with vehicle launches, and he’s been one of the first to get his hands on the Lightning.

Along with getting a set of first impressions, Brownlee’s video of the Lightning uncovers a list of previously unrevealed tidbits that place the F-150 much closer to Tesla’s incredible Cybertruck on paper than first thought.

The big one is range. According to what Ford told Brownlee, the model’s range figures are vastly undervalued. At launch, Ford claimed its two F-150 variants, the base model and the extended battery model, could drive 368km and 480km per charge, respectively.

What we didn’t know, though, is that Ford’s quoted range figures (sourced from the EPA) assume a 1000 pound (or 453kg) payload. Unladen, it’s likely that the range of both models will grow.

That’s not all, though. Brownlee’s prototype vehicle was showing a 587km range with 80 per cent battery available. Brownlee estimated that, at 100 per cent battery, the model could pack around 736km of range based on some rudimentary calculations … almost double Ford’s original quoted amount. None of this has been followed up by comment from Ford, however.

The Lightning’s penchant for clever features is clearly more than skin deep. Along with its ability to act as a generator for your home for three days, Ford has crammed a lot of other neat features. The Lightning’s range calculator menu, for example, has a smart system that adjusts the range ability in real time according to how much it’s towing or how much payload it’s lugging.

The 400 litre ‘frunk’ can fit two golf bags, according to Ford. The brand specifies this via a small illustration of a golf bag on the frunk’s plastic inner trim. Brownlee describes it as the most impressive frunk in any electric car on the market. You can view his video in full below.

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