Dyson electric car done and dusted

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Words: Peter Louisson
11 Oct 2019

Stop the presses. After two years of hyping its electric car project UK home products firm Dyson has pulled the pin on its zero emissions baby because it does not believe the product will turn a profit.

Planned for a 2021 launch, the sizeable premium EV crossover was said by the company chief, James Dyson, to deliver new technology and design methods that would make it unique in the sector. The company is said to have spent £2.5 billion developing the vehicle, employing over 500 workers at a facility in the UK.

Despite having a running prototype, Dyson confirmed in an email to staff that further development was being halted because “we simply can no longer see a way to make it commercially viable.”

Evidently, one of the reasons for sidelining the project was the speed with which traditional car makers were invading the EV market. The other was the difficulty other companies like Tesla had had with turning a profit.

The firm was about to start building a factory in Singapore when the decision was made to pull back. Attempts to find a buyer for the EV project have thus far been unsuccessful.

Dyson says the project has not been a total waste, particularly its work on developing solid-state battery technology. He said this new battery will benefit the Dyson brand in a number of ways and take it in “exciting new directions”. The company will refocus its efforts on home products, while new technology developed from the car project offers openings in vision systems, robotics, machine learning, AI and other areas.

Dyson added that this is not the first project that had changed direction and that the company remains strong. He said that the firm’s non-linear development of new products is how they change the status quo.


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