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Daimler, Bosch to let self-driving taxis loose in California

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Words: Nile Bijoux
11 Jul 2018

Daimler AG and Bosch Corp are preparing to let self-driving taxis loose in California.

Negotiations with the municipality within the sprawling technology hub of Silicon Valley were still underway, but Daimler was coy with details, according to Reuters. The only thing executives would confirm was that the vehicles would include a human driver and a steering wheel.

An app-based mobility service operated by Daimler will offer customers free rides on selected routes within Silicon Valley. It will be built atop the artificial intelligence platform Nvidia DRIVE Pegasus, supplied by chipmaker Nvidia, the companies said.

Bosch is developing its own electronic control unit (ECU) to control the functions of a self-driving car. It piggybacks on Nvidia’s hardware and base software, but until it is ready for use, it will rely on existing technology from Nvidia.

Daimler, parent company of Mercedes-Benz, joined forces with Bosch in 2017 to tackle driverless cars. Under the deal, Daimler will supply the vehicles and test facilities, while Bosch will provide the many sensors, actuators and control units used in the development process. Mercedes-Benz S- and B-Class vehicles would be used in development but the vehicle to be used in the test has not yet been chosen. The pilot will help provide information about how self-driving vehicles can be integrated into a complex transport network offering multiple choices.

Another autonomous driving company, Waymo, is due to launch its fully driverless, autonomous car hailing service soon in Phoenix, Arizona, following a public trial.

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