Covid-19 who? Geneva Motor Show announced for 2022

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Words: Matthew Hansen
1 Jun 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic pushed a lot of public event norms closer to the grave. Some things, like the disappearance of sports events and concerts, sparked widespread sadness. Other things, like the disappearance of the proverbial huge car show, provided less concern.

The virus has triggered the cancellation of a slew of grand car shows across both 2020 and 2021. The Geneva Motor Show, Tokyo Motor Show, North American International Motor Show, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Frankfurt Motor Show, Paris Motor Show, and many more have all been impacted.

While the cancellation of these events meant brands couldn’t roll out their usual array of all-singing all-dancing presentation tricks, it did result in a few positives. A lot of reveals were instead held live online to an arguably wider audience. And the reduction in flights and shipping would have reduced both costs and emissions from each new-car reveal.

Still, the glitz and glamour of the car show is irreplaceable to some. So, the car show is slowly coming back — with the Geneva Motor Show the latest to announce plans to return to the fore. Geneva had been one of the first events to be canned, following the Swiss Federal Council’s decision to ban all large-scale events last February.

Organisers for the event have confirmed that it will be staged in 2022, across February 19–27. It will be the event’s 91st edition. This time around it has new owners, who say that it will be “substantially different” from previous shows.

“With the dispatch of the tender packages, we are now officially starting the organization of GIMS 2022,” said CEO Sandro Mesquita.

“My team and I can hardly wait to present our concept to the exhibitors and subsequently to the public. We really hope that the health situation and the corresponding policy regulations regarding Covid-19 will allow us to bring it to life.”

What remains to be seen is whether the brands will flock back to Geneva willingly, especially in these interesting times where many of them are still recovering from poor Covid-19-impacted performances in 2020. No brands have been announced for the event at the time of writing, but expect announcements to kick off as the year progresses.


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