Climate activist groups want combustion SUVs banned

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Words: Nile Bijoux
12 Sep 2019

Using the Frankfurt Motor Show as a platform,12 climate activist groups including Greenpeace began lobbying for a ban on combustion-powered SUVs by 2028.

Calling themselves ‘Exit’, the consortium released a statement saying: “As long as SUVs dominate automotive transport [over small electric vehicles], cars will remain the problem child.”

Greenpeace further elaborated on its website, saying that automakers were responsible for nine per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2018.

"The car industry needs to up its game, and phase out all diesel and petrol cars (yes, even hybrids)... Promoting hybrid cars and improving efficiency are nothing but band-aid solutions to a serious crisis.

“We want to see an end to new car sales by 2028, and instead have car manufacturers producing vehicles that are smaller, lighter, more energy-efficient and electric."

VW CEO Herbert Diess responded to Reuters by saying that “... owning a car is for many people part of having a higher quality of life. We need to ensure that even middle and lower income families can afford an electric car.” At the Frankfurt show, VW showed off its ID.3 electric hatchback and revealed it will launch the ID.4 electric SUV next year.

Diess added that switching to renewable energy and reducing dependence on coal-fired power stations is another way to help push climate goals.

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