Citroen reveals centennial celebration concept

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Words: Nile Bijoux
14 May 2019

Citroen has revealed the new comfort-focused 19_19 autonomous EV in celebration of it’s 100th birthday.

The radical looking concept is Citroen’s vision for the future of intercity travel. It’s essentially a roving cabin, riding on a new version of Citroen’s Progressive Hydraulic Cushion suspension.

Its design inspiration comes from the aviation world, with an exposed powertrain and roof-mounted LIDAR sensors that are meant to resemble an aircraft’s tail stabilisers. The front and rear LED light bars incorporate the dual-chevron Citroen logo, the front set extending out to house rear-facing cameras in place of traditional wing mirrors. LCD screens are mounted in the rear-hinged doors.

Massive 30 inch wheels are wrapped in concept Goodyear rubber, employing sensors that can communicate road conditions to the car when in autonomous mode. The tyres are made from a special compound designed to improve wet weather traction and reduce road noise inside the car.

Inside are some pretty wild looking seats. The driver’s pew is sculpted and shows off its frame for a sportier look while the front passenger can cruise in a reclining chaise lounge seat. A faux-marble centre console separates the two. In the back the seats are actually one big couch-like bench, with fabric mesh acting as a headrest and allowing access to rear storage.

There’s even an AI assistant that raises through the minimal dashboard when in autonomous mode.

As for power, one motor per axle combines to offer 340kW and 800Nm. Citroen says 0-100km/h is done and dusted in five seconds while a 100kWh battery provides range of over 800km.

Interested? Bad news. Citroen doesn’t plan to put the 19_19 into production.


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