Chevy trademarks Bolt EUV name

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Words: Nile Bijoux
16 Apr 2019

Chevrolet has trademarked the Bolt EUV moniker, hinting at a new electric high rider.

GM has already confirmed it will build a new EV based on Bolt mechanicals at its Orion facility, which is currently the only place in the world that builds autonomous vehicles on a production line.

This new trademark likely means the vehicle will be a crossover, assuming it stands for Electric Utility Vehicle. Rumours suggest Chevrolet will use an upgraded version of the Bolt EV’s platform for the EUV, which could be around the size of the Equinox.

Interestingly, Chevrolet could be planning an entire family of EVs using the Bolt brand. After all, GM wants to offer 23 electric vehicles by 2023. One will be a three-row Cadillac crossover and another will probably be a full-size battery-powered truck. That leaves 21 vehicles unaccounted for. Could we see a full range of Bolt-branded vehicles, possibly including a sports car? Time will tell.

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