Chevy reveals updated Colorado

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Words: Nile Bijoux
9 Oct 2019

Chevrolet has revealed the updated Colorado online, ahead of its physical debut.

The changes are minor but add up to a new look. In fact, Chevy asked its designers to visually differentiate each trim level with unique looks. So far, the only variant we’ve seen is the ZR2 off-roader, which has a free-flow Chevrolet logo (flow-tie, as it’s known) across the nose, splitting the large grille. There’s a Chevy emblem next to the driver’s side headlight (passenger side for us), which will be gold for WT and LT trims, while the Z71 gets a black version like the ZR2. A tailgate with embossed Chevrolet lettering is fitted to every variant.

The ZR2 gets Multimatic shocks, a two-inch lift kit, electronically locking differentials on both axles, a two-speed transfer case, cast-iron control arms, and a wider track. There’s also a skid plate to protect the vulnerable bits and red tow hooks.

As to mechanical changes, Chevy isn’t saying. We’ll have to wait until later this week for that information.

The US Colorado is different to the one we get here, but it could influence the styling of a future Holden-branded ute. Well, here's hoping any way. 

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