Check out this one-off P1 Longtail

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Words: Nile Bijoux
13 Jun 2018

Motorsport fans out there will remember the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans as the event McLaren won with the F1 GTR. The company that helped develop that race-winning car has now created a new Longtail variant of the P1 GTR, and you will want it.

It’s a spiritual successor to the F1 LM, and while Lanzante, the company responsible, aren’t divulging power or performance numbers, consider that the P1 GTR has around 735kW.

So far, the only thing Lanzante has revealed is a single top-down teaser image of the front end. We can see new vents at the top of the fenders and a bigger front splitter. The car is somewhat unfinished, as there are no seats to be seen, usually a requirement for a functioning car.

The ‘Longtail’ moniker indicates there will be some hefty changes at the rear for improved aero, as well as a nod to McLaren’s racing history.

If Lanzante uses the GTR’s powertrain, the Longtail will be quick by default. Heck, even if the company use a standard P1 as a donor car, it won’t be slow. However, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear of some fettling beneath the skin, and the slipperier body should result in high speeds.

The P1 GT Longtail is being built as a one-off commission for a customer in the Middle East, but we’re sure that anyone with a spare P1 and a wad of cash should be able to sway Lanzante.


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