Carlos Ghosn reckons his latest arrest is part of a ‘conspiracy’

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Words: Nile Bijoux
15 Apr 2019

The former CEO of Nissan has uploaded a video stating his side of his recent arrests, where he claims his incarceration was part of a ‘conspiracy’.

The video was recorded before his most recent arrest, on April 4, while he was free on bail. Ghosn claims he is “innocent of all the charges”, despite not offering any evidence, before going on to say how much he loves Japan and Nissan.

"Nobody spends 20 years in a country, nobody works 20 years in the leadership of a company without love and without attachment and without engagement, particularly when those years have been marked by so many accomplishments,” he said.

Ghosn’s main point, however, is that the charges are “biased… twisted in a way to paint a personage of greed and dictatorship.” The former CEO went on to say that his arrest was "not about specific events" or "dictatorship", but because of "backstabbing" and a "conspiracy" by senior management.

Apparently, the executives who orchestrated Ghosn’s arrest did so “for their own interest and for their own selfish fears. These are creating a lot of value destruction." Those fears were borne from the “convergence” of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, as well as a possible Nissan-Renault merger.

Ghosn reckons Nissan’s current performance is “not good” and that the Alliance’s desire for consensus is "not a vision for an industry as competitive as the car industry". From time to time leadership is exercised, and leadership means we do what's good for the company".

The former CEO closes by saying his “greatest wish” is for a fair trial but thinks his lawyers aren’t as transparent as perhaps he would like.


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