Carbon fibre $450,000 Mustang Shelby GT500CR revealed

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Words: Matthew Hansen
23 Sep 2020

As the Ford Mustang hurtles towards a future where it’s expected to shed some of its iconic engine characteristics in exchange for electrified alternatives, the passion for vintage models fails to waver.

Shelby American has been rather active of late in announcing various classic Mustang builds and parts schemes. Now, the firm has unveiled something a bit different — an old-school Mustang coated in carbon fibre.

Based on the Shelby GT500CR, a la the remake of Gone in 60 Seconds, it’s called the Carbon Edition. Shelby plans to build 25 of them, at the eye watering price of US$298,000 ($450,000) each.

The most notable feature of the Carbon Edition is of course its body. The lightweight panels are created by SpeedKore, and feature a neat exposed weave and glossy finish.

Under the skin, the limited edition model is essentially a restomod — old traditional components complemented by a myriad of current tech. Under the bonnet is a 5.0-litre Coyote V8 like that fitted to a current Mustang GT, only this one is paired with a Whipple supercharger and produces 810hp (605kW).

All that power is handled through a Tremec six-speed manual and a new 9-inch rear end. Stopping and riding is improved by a comprehensive Willwood brake system and adjustable coilovers front and rear — coupled with sway bars at each end and a rack and pinion steering conversion.

Twin electric fuel pumps from Vaporworx, a Maganflow exhaust system, and super sticky Michelin boots are among the other mechanical and performance changes.

Inside, owners get Shelby Scat Rally Series seats, race harnesses, and aluminium steering wheel wrapped in leather, and plenty of Shelby insignia.

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