Call goes out to check for dodgy retrofitted seatbelts

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Words: Nile Bijoux
17 May 2019

The NZTA and Trading Standards (TS) have issued a safety alert, asking vehicle owners who have retrofitted seatbelts to check the labels in case of a recall.

TS has been working since November last year to find customers who may have purchased some of the 16,000-odd seatbelts imported by Business Venture Ltd (BVL). Trading Standards reckon the belts may have been sold on by various auto parts stores across New Zealand since 2008.

BVL-branded seatbelts have been found to fail in crashes at speeds of as low as 50kmh. In crash testing, the BVL belts failed, hurling test dummies out of their seats, with the shoulder anchor point and the retractor mechanisms both failing.

“We are urgently reminding consumers who own second-hand vehicles or who have had replacement seatbelts fitted, to check their seatbelt labels for these brands. If the label shows the BVL logo and/or manufacturers’ name Changzhou BWD or Jiang Su Jiu Jiu, they are advised to contact BVL immediately to have them replaced,” says Trading Standards team leader safety and technical Martin Rushton.

“This is also a reminder for any business which onsells products to keep a clear paper trail of their sales, so in the unlikely event of a serious product recall, the ability to identify and notify affected consumers and keep them safe is significantly increased.”

“Checking the labels for yourself only takes a few moments and could help keep you and your passengers safe."

To find out more, visit the recalls website here.

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