BMW trademarks entire ‘i’ lineup

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Words: Nile Bijoux
6 Dec 2017

BMW’s i3 and i8 models showed the Bavarian brand’s commitment to electric power, but since their introduction a few years ago they have remained the only members of the ‘i’ range. Now it looks like we can expect to see a fully-fledged electrified lineup as BMW has trademarked i1 through to i9, as well as iX1 to iX9.

Back in November it was reported that BMW trademarked the iX3 name to use for a fully-electric X3 but now Chairman of the Board for BMW, Harold Krüger, has confirmed that the brand has “not only secured the naming rights for BMW i – from i1 to i9. We also hold the rights for BMW X – from iX1 to iX9."

"Going forward, all electrified BMW models will be under the BMW i brand,” he added.

BMW wants to introduce 25 electrified models, 12 of which will be fully electric, by 2025. While the i and iX ranges only comprise 18 individual units, we would imagine there to be separate M models included at some stage too.

In the near future, expect details on the aforementioned iX3 to join the lineup as well as the i5, previewed by the Vision Dynamics Concept.



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