BMW to move into Honda’s Swindon plant?

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Words: Nile Bijoux
29 Mar 2019

Honda is due to shutter its plant in Swindon in 2021 but it looks like BMW might be looking to take over the reins.

The move would raise a few eyebrows after other manufacturers expressed doubts of continued British production in light of a chaotic Brexit situation. BMW itself has lately indicated it could move some Mini production out of Britain, likely to its Netherlands plant. It has already announced it is closing its Oxford plant this month for a few weeks, something it normally does over the summer months for routine maintenance.

Nevertheless, while nothing is official regarding the Swindon plant, the Bavarian manufacturer has been contemplating a takeover once Honda finishes production of the Civic in two years’ time. As it stands, some 3500 jobs will be lost in the Honda closure. It isn’t clear whether or not BMW will retain these workers.

Evidently the company needs more capacity to produce X1, which utilises the Mini UKL1 platform. Ditto some of the 1 Series vehicles. X1 sales are said to be booming globally, and now account for 13 per cent of total BMW sales.

BMW has officially denied the Swindon factory takeover rumour.


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