BMW tests M8 at Estoril ahead of production

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Words: Nile Bijoux
9 Nov 2018

BMW’s upcoming 8-series flagship, the M8, is currently being put through its paces at the Estoril circuit in Portugal before it hits the production line.

Based on the 8 Series Coupe, the M8 will be the closest thing BMW has to a supercar since the M1 of last century.

Power will come from a “high-revving” V8 good for over 440kW. A flap-controlled exhaust system should increase noise a healthy amount.

All four wheels will help put that power to the ground, via an eight-speed Steptronic gearbox, using the same xDrive system found in the M5. That means a rear bias, with drive only sent to the front axle if the rear wheels start to slip excessively. Unless you engage ‘M Dynamic’ mode, which only sends power to the rear, regardless of slippage. Best keep your wits about you if you turn traction control off as well.

As for styling, imagine an 8 Series Coupe with more aggression, vents, extra tailpipes, and M badges. Or, y’know, have a look at the images.

BMW is still keeping mum on pricing but you can expect that and full specification next year.


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