BMW shows off prototype BEV 5 Series

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Words: Nile Bijoux
27 Jun 2019

While BMW’s current M5 is hardly what you would call slow but the immense off-the-line torque of electric powertrains is impossible to ignore.

The Tesla Model S P100D has dealt with many a supercar in its time (over the quarter mile at least) and it seems BMW’s engineers have been taking note. So, they’ve taken a regular 5 Series, ditched the combustion engine and replaced it with three electric motors, producing a combined 530kW.

That’s a lot of grunt, enough for this electrified sedan to hit 100k/h in under three seconds “comfortably” they say.

There is one motor for each rear wheel, with the third residing on the front axle. BMW says powering each rear wheel allows for ‘e-torque vectoring.’

"The result is more effective and precise than with a limited slip differential, because actively targeted inputs are possible in any driving situation," BMW says in its release.

"By contrast, a limited slip differential always reacts to a difference in rotation speed between the driven wheels."

At the moment it doesn’t appear BMW is considering building the electric 5, showing it more as a proof of concept for the powertrain.

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