BMW reveals i4 power and range

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Words: Nile Bijoux
19 Nov 2019

BMW has confirmed the preliminary spec sheet for the upcoming i4 battery-electric sedan, due in 2021.

The four-door EV will make 390kW from one electric motor, bolted to the rear axle. That’s close to the output of a traditional V8-equipped model, BMW says. It performs like one too, with the 0-100km/h run done in around four seconds and a top speed of over 200km/h.

BMW also revealed the i4 will use a newly developed battery pack with around 80kWh of capacity, meaning a range of 600km. That’s provisional though, as BMW didn’t specify which testing cycle it used to determine range. The pack weighs a fair bit though, coming in at 550kg.

According to the automaker, the i4 will use fifth-generation eDrive hardware, the same stuff to be found on next year’s iX3 crossover. The i4 will be able to charge its battery pack to 80 per cent in just over half an hour, equating to 100km of range for every six minutes plugged in. Presumably that’s with a high output European fast charger.

The i4 is scheduled to debut in 2021 for a 2022 release. Along with the iX3 and iNEXT it is part of BMW’s greater electrification scheme, which should result in 25 electrified BMW models hitting the market by 2025.


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