BMW preparing M2 Gran Coupe?

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Words: Nile Bijoux
5 Feb 2018

BMW is preparing to expand its lineup in the near future with the first-ever 2 Series Gran Coupe, and a new report says it may get an M variant alongside the base versions.

According to Autocar UK, the Bavarian manufacturer has been testing a Gran Coupe 2 Series for a while, but this is the first time an M version has been linked. The hi-po Gran Coupe will square off against the Audi RS3 Sedan and Mercedes-AMG CLA 45.

The M2 Gran Coupe will use the same basic architecture as the M2 Sedan, that being a longitudinally mounted, turbocharged, 272kW, inline-six engine driving the rear wheels. Enthusiasts will be happy to hear the standard transmission is a six-speed manual, while a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic will be an option.

Performance overall will largely mirror the regular M2, but sprints to 100km/h may take a few more milliseconds as the Gran Coupe will likely weigh a little more. Don't expect it to take more than five seconds, though. Top speed will be limited to 250km/h, with the extra M Driver’s Package raising that to 270km/h.

Autocar UK reckons there will be a new interior layout debuting with the M2 Gran Coupe that will filter into the replacement 2 Series, due in 2020.

The M2 Gran Coupe is set for debut in 2019, with smaller-engined siblings due around the same time. A 2 Series Gran Coupe plug-in hybrid model is also on the cards, using a turbocharged 1.3-litre three-cylinder paired wth an electric motor and eight-speed automatic gearbox.



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