BMW named world’s most sustainable car company

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Words: Matthew Hansen
26 Nov 2020

The topic of sustainability looks set to only become more prevalent in the motoring world, as questions around where resources for the next generation of EVs and hybrids are coming from continue to be asked.

BMW is among the brand tackling electrification head on. The firm has already confirmed it will launch nine all-new EVs by 2025, including the i4 and iX. And as it works towards the goal, it can boast the feather in its cap of being awarded the title of world’s most sustainable car company in 2020.

BMW recently came out on top of a S&P Dow Jones Indices study, conducted for the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices World and Europe (DJSI). In it, the company was pitched against 38 other automotive companies and measured according to three core areas of evaluation; ‘Governance & Economic’, ‘Environmental’, and ‘Social dimensions’.

Among the biggest headline changes BMW boasts in regards to sustainability is how the amount of energy it consumes and emissions it spends to produce each car has gone down by 40 per cent and 70 per cent since 2006, respectively. This has in part been achieved through the move to only allow for renewable energy sources for all BMW production plants.

CO2 emissions from the new vehicles it’s sold in Europe have dropped some 42 per cent between 1995 and 2019, the company claims. It adds that it produced over 2.5 million vehicles in 2019 (inclusive of Mini, BMW Motorrad, and Rolls-Royce), with the mechanical advances in those vehicles resulting in a projected 40 million tonne reduction in potential CO2 emissions by 2030.

It’s aiming to reduce production-based CO2 emissions by 80 per cent, also in 2030. The firm also adds that it not only supports the Paris Climate Agreement, but is on target to deliver more significant environmental gains than the 2 degree goal the agreement sets out to achieve. 

“The fight against climate change and how we use resources will decide the future of our society – and also of the BMW Group,” says BMW AG chairman Oliver Zipse.

“For this reason, we have made sustainability and resource efficiency the centre of our business alignment and anchored this approach in all divisions. We see this as an important building block for successfully shaping our future, since our business model and sustainability are inseparable for us.”

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