BMW brings FCEV X5 to Frankfurt

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Words: Nile Bijoux
12 Sep 2019

BMW revealed a fuel-cell SUV at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this week.

Called the i Hydrogen NEXT, BMW says the concept will hit public roads in 2022 as an FCEV variant of the X5 family.

It can be differentiated from the internal-combustion X5s by blue patterning on the bonnet, kidney grille and flanks. There are also blue panels blanking off where exhaust outlets would otherwise be.

Major details are scarce but BMW has said the SUV will have a refuel time of under four minutes, a decent range and “no compromises in terms of comfort, suitability for towing and very little dependence on climatic conditions.”

Initially it will be made in limited numbers, with series production of hydrogen-powered vehicles due to begin in 2025. BMW has also partnered with Toyota to help bring more FCEVs to the road as well as improve global infrastructure.

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