Bentley ditches sports cars for GTs and SUVs

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Words: Nile Bijoux
12 Apr 2019

Bentley has changed management in its centennial year and also direction; sports cars are making way for money-making grand tourers and crossovers.

Werner Tietz, head of engineering at Bentley, confirmed the change in rationale to overseas media. He said that "pure sports cars are not a topic for us now". That means the EXP 10 Speed 6 from a few years back and the all-electric EXP 12 Speed 6e won’t make it to production.

New boss, Adrian Hallmark, has pushed Bentley to work with the current range and launch products at a better cadence. This includes trying to push Bentleys to new customers rather than selling new models to existing owners. However, somewhat strangely, this doesn’t mean smaller or more affordable models are coming.

Instead, Tietz said the British manufacturer wants “a GT car in every segment,” presumably meaning just the high end ones. More large vehicles are also on the way, with a crossover above the Bentayga to try and conquer the American and Chinese markets that like big stuff.

Every model will still get a plug-in hybrid version by 2025 but fully electric vehicles are apparently still some time away. Bentley wants to wait for solid-state batteries before it commits to full electrification. In the meantime, the manufacturer will look into carbon-neutral synthetic fuel generation and hydrogen fuel cells in order to keep its overall emissions down.

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