Bentley Continental GT V8 breaks cover

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Words: Nile Bijoux
19 Mar 2019

Bentley has revealed the anticipated addition to the Continental GT line-up - the GT V8.

It bears much the same styling as the W12-equipped version, apart from the exhaust layout. The twelve-cylinder has two big oval outlets nestled in the rear bumper while the V8 gets a quartet of slightly smaller pipes. Other than that - and the sound - you’d be hard-pressed to tell the two apart.

The main difference is, obviously, the engine. It’s a twin-turbo V8 making 404kW and 770Nm, up 31kW and 110Nm on the old base V8 model. It isn’t much slower than the W12 either, the V8 coupe offering a claimed 4.0sec 0-100km/h time compared with 3.7sec. The Convertible V8 is said to takes 0.1sec longer.

Bentley says there will not only be “thrilling performance” but also “greater efficiency” thanks to a cylinder-deactivation system which shuts off four cylinders in "suitable conditions." The British automaker reckons this process doesn’t hurt the driveability as the switch from four to eight working cylinders happens in just 20 milliseconds.

All four wheels are powered thanks to an adaptive all-wheel drive system. Bentley says the car will “use rear-wheel drive as much as possible during normal driving for optimum efficiency and dynamic performance.”

Bentley is accepting orders for the Conti GT V8 in the United States, with first deliveries scheduled for Q3 of this year. The rest of us will have to wait until Q1 2020.

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