Aussies call for road tax over fuel excise

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Words: Nile Bijoux
8 Nov 2018

A recent survey from across the ditch has shown public support for a ‘road tax’ to replace fuel excises is growing.

The EastLink Self Driving Car Survey found 47 per cent of people think it's unfair for electric vehicles to use the roads without paying a tax to fund their maintenance, and the majority surveyed favoured replacing the current fuel excise with a 'road-use charge'.

A road tax was one way to fund transport projects recently outlined by Infrastructure New Zealand chief executive Stephen Selwood. He has been reported as saying that the days of petrol tax increases are coming to an end as they “have now been exhausted and there is little public support to go further”.

However, he warned that the Government needs to be clear on its path to implementation, should it go this route.

“The faster the uptake on electric vehicles, the sooner road pricing will become necessary. The public needs to know when and understand why road pricing is required.”


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