Audi trademarks “R8 Green Hell” name

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Words: Josh Revell
23 Mar 2020

Audi may be in the process of developing a special edition of the R8 inspired by the Nurburgring. The German firm recently trademarked “R8 Green Hell” – referencing the Nordschleife’s nickname - with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

The trademark application does not necessarily guarantee that a new model is in the works. It is typical for car makers to secure names they may want to use in the future. However, if Audi is intent on building the Green Hell, it would more than likely be a track-focused version of the R8 with some connection to the Nurburgring.

Reports indicate that Audi is considering replacing the R8 with an electric model, after a somewhat muted reception for the second-generation R8. Coupled with the push for electrified vehicles from both Audi and parent company Volkswagen Group, the Green Hell may act as a sendoff for the R8.

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