Audi teases four-door e-tron GT

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Words: Nile Bijoux
25 Sep 2018

Audi has teased a fully-electric, Taycan-based, four-door coupe following the e-tron SUV.

The car will use some of the underpinnings from the Porsche Taycan, and feature a sloping roofline with a long wheelbase. Power should be more than 400kW with about 500km of range, probably with ultra-fast 800V charging capabilities. A concept/prototype will be shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this year before production kicks off in 2020.

“The Audi e-tron GT concept show car is a highly dynamic coupe with a flat floor assembly. The technology was developed in collaboration with Porsche while the design and character are packed full of unmistakable Audi DNA,” the company said.

Meanwhile, Audi is on target to release 12 new EVs by 2025. These new vehicles will cover every relevant market segment from compact to full-size. Some of the smaller examples will be based on the Volkswagen modular electric platform (MEB), namely the A segment entrants and vehicles destined for China. The B through D segments will use the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture developed in collaboration with Porsche, including both SUVs and classic body shapes.

Audi wants roughly one-third of its sales to be generated by electrified vehicles within seven years.

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