Aston Martin working on Vanquish AMR Pro and Volante

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Words: Nile Bijoux
20 Mar 2019

Aston Martin only revealed the new Vanquish a few weeks back at the Geneva Motor Show, alongside the AM-RB 003. It’s the third in Aston’s new mid-engined line-up and already the company is talking up the car’s future.

In an interview, AM CEO Andy Palmer revealed there are plans for a hardcore AMR Pro version of the Vanquish to do battle with the likes of the Huracan Evo, McLaren LT and Ferrari Pista.

While not going into specifics, Palmer did say that the electrified V6 powerplant is “basically half a V12”, referring to the twin-turbo engine found in the DB11 rather than the Cosworth-tuned unit in the Valkyrie. That’d be where to look for technical information then. Power output is anyone’s guess.

The electrical side of things will reportedly be supplied by Mercedes. Aston will use the same powertrain in both the Vantage and the AM-RB 003, albeit in a much higher state of tune in the latter.

Palmer also said that the Vanquish will preview the design of the DB12 to an extent, expected around 2024.

Alongside the AMR Pro is a Volante variant, to go up against the super-quick Spiders of the world.

The Vanquish is due in 2022 and while there was no word on when we can expect the AMR Pro and Volante variants, they shouldn’t be far behind.

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