Aston Martin Vantage and DB11 to be fully electric by 2025

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Words: Matthew Hansen
22 Jul 2021

Two of Aston Martin’s most popular bread-and-butter models, the Vantage and DB11, will be exclusively electric by 2025 according to reports from Europe.

Speaking to Automotive News Europe, the British marque’s CEO Tobias Moers put his line in the sand, claiming that “the succession of our traditional sports segment has to be full electric, no doubt.”

Moers reportedly confirmed to the outlet that the next-generation Vantage and DB11 will be launched in 2025 and be fully electric. The duo are set to be based on a Mercedes-Benz-derived 600km electric ‘skateboard’ platform. Performance details are yet to be revealed.

The move will effectively be the end of the V8 and V12 internal combustion engine options offered at the more affordable end of Aston’s line-up. Its upcoming Valhalla will continue to use a plug-in hybrid V6 powertrain.

Aston Martin has had a mixed relationship with electrification in the past. Former CEO Andy Palmer was a frequent critic of the UK’s plan to ban the sale of ICE vehicles by 2030.

Things appear to have taken a turn following the appointment of Moers (former CEO of Mercedes-AMG) and the investment from Lawrence Stroll. The firm has yet to confirm a full phase-out date for its ICE options, stating only that 90 per cent of its sales by 2030 will be electric or hybrid.

The news happens to come at the same time as Aston Martin confirms it’s chopping and changing (read: simplifying) the DB11 line-up, while simultaneously giving certain models a power boost.

The firm has elected to drop the AMR and Superleggera nameplates from the model, in an effort to make the line-up easier to understand. Models equipped with the base V8 engine get a bit more power; the 4.0-litre biturbo now producing 394kW and is capable of hitting 308km/h.

The DB11 Coupe drops the AMR nomenclature, while maintaining an unchanged 470kW V12 engine. The DBS, meanwhile, loses its Superleggera badges … its 5.7-litre V12 still produces 533kW and is capable of 340km/h.


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