Aston Martin RapidE dead before it sees daylight?

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Words: Nile Bijoux
13 Jan 2020

Aston Martin’s electric sedan might not be happening at all, despite the hype of the past 24 months.

The news emerges from Autocar UK, which claims the plans to put the electric RapidE into limited production have been cancelled. Aston was originally going to make 155 RapidEs, each using two electric motors on the rear axle to offer 447kW and 950Nm of torque. That would have been enough for a 0-60mph (97km/h) sprint of less than four seconds and an 80-113km/h time of just 1.5 seconds. A 65kWh battery pack would have offered around 322km based on the WLTP cycle.

Instead, the prototype RapidE will be relegated to a developmental role for future EV technology, with no intention of producing customer cars. It isn’t clear how many orders of the model were taken or how many refunds will have to be issued.

The report comes on the back of Aston Martin’s CEO, Andy Palmer, describing 2019 as a “very disappointing year.” It looks like the DBX SUV can’t come soon enough for the British maker.

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