The Greens are coming for you - Arnold Difflock

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Words: Arnold Difflock   |   Photos Alex Schultz
21 Nov 2020

Enjoy driving while you can because eventually the Greens are going to make it such an unpleasant experience that you will want to take the bus. After all, that’s their mission in life.

About a year ago there was a fatal crash on a straight stretch of road near the top of the Hatepe Hill between Taupo and Turangi. The crash was nothing to do with speed but was caused when a drug-impaired driver went onto the wrong side and hit a vehicle coming the other way. As a result of that crash, together with the fact that there are a few tightish corners near Bulli Point, the entire road between Taupo Airport and Turangi has now had its speed limit reduced from 100 to 80 km/h.

Speed limits are being reduced all over the country. There are blanket urban limits of 30km/h springing up everywhere and not all of the changes are making the news. In some cases the changes are justified by increased traffic volumes due to population increases as urbanisation spreads into the countryside but usually it’s because the Greens, who are increasingly in positions of authority, simply have a hatred of evil, polluting cars and the freedom they provide for their owners.

Then last month there was a tragic accident halfway between Napier and Taupo when a vanload of migrant orchard workers turned in front of a wine tanker which was coming up behind it. This was a sad case of a bad decision by the driver, and now there’s a call to drop the speed limit on the entire road between Napier and Taupo from 100 to 80.

There is some truth in the fact that the Napier-Taupo road is now carrying a lot more traffic than it was designed for, but that doesn’t mean that such draconian decisions need to be made. The road underwent major upgrades during the 1960s but not a lot has happened since. Prior to the early sixties most of it was dirt, with many one-way bridges and hairpin bends, but the open road speed limit applied and there weren’t too many problems. After all, in those days drivers could make decisions such as what gear to be in for the next corner and they weren’t imagining that they were in some sort of video game, which is a problem that seems to afflict some of today’s drivers.

The Greens don’t need to be in Cabinet to make these decisions for you. Over the years they have progressively infested local bodies, committees and Government agencies with an agenda to take control of your life. One of the Government Agencies they are embedded in is the New Zealand Transport Agency, and the new priority is to reduce speed limits all over the country instead of making improvements to the roads.

The same thing is happening with agriculture. The Greens hate farming and think it should be banned. We should all be bicycle-riding vegans and our most valuable export industry should be shut down in order that we can live in some plant-eating nirvana where somebody else pays the bills.

This might seem far-fetched but it’s true. Up and down the country there are Greens influencing decisions on food production and transport and it’s getting increasingly difficult to make progress on the sorts of things that will bring us a prosperous future.

Like the frog in the pot this has come upon us gradually but now we are paying the price.

This article first appeared in the November 2020 issue of NZ Autocar magazine.

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