Another WOF inspector bites the dust

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Words: Nile Bijoux
6 Dec 2018

Another day, another WOF inspector gets suspended. This time it’s the St Johns franchise of Super Cheap Tyres & Auto Services Ltd.

Patrick Ah Wong and Super Cheap Tyres & Auto Services Ltd have both been suspended following a long history of non-compliance. The NZ Transport Agency will contact all 2,443 affected vehicle owners individually as soon as possible to advise them on recheck options. Vouchers for new WOF checks will be provided.

The NZTA said it is “unaware of specific concerns relating to individual vehicles, however, due to the poor quality of Mr Ah Wong’s inspections there is a possibility that some vehicles may have been incorrectly passed.

“For this reason, we strongly encourage people who have a current Warrant of Fitness issued by Mr Ah Wong to get their vehicle rechecked.”

Other newly-released documents reveal the NZTA has allowed iffy brake tests to happen for years.

Last week Orient Motors on Auckland’s North Shore was suspended from issuing WOFs, with the certification officer finding the Tapley brake meter had expired as well as unused high-beam testing equipment.

However, these things were discovered three years prior, when the NZTA found the WOF inspectors at Orient to be unsafe and incompetent. At the time, the agency issued a warning, which went unheeded.

"Reviews have outlined that the inspections completed are of a poor standard and pose a risk to vehicle safety, e.g. poor steering, suspension and brake checks," the agency's certifier wrote.


WOF inspectors suspended this year:

- August - Dargaville Diesel Specialists suspended, as well as inspectors Rodney Wilson and Brent Nurse - 1956 vehicle owners contacted to get WOFs rechecked.

- October - Orient Motors, and Dong Xiao Lin and Yong Xiang Feng - 3494 vehicle owners.

- October - Aaron Grand, Te Aroha Automotive - 613 vehicle owners.

- November - Westland Mechanical and Tyres, and Akram Zakeri, in Henderson - 3721 vehicle owners.

- November - Susantha Ranatunga (who works at Church Street Motors and Tyres), in Onehunga - 4053 vehicle owners.

- November - Jet Tyres and Wheel Alignment, and Anderson Lee - 993 vehicle owners.

- December - El's Auto Services, and Elia Sipaia, in East Tamaki - 3783 vehicle owners

- December - Super Cheap Tyres & Auto Services, and Patrick Ah Wong, in St Johns, Auckland - 2443 vehicle owners

The total number of vehicle owners urged to get WOFs rechecked (using TA vouchers) is now 21,056.



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