An icon returns: Mini Moke back in production

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Words: Matthew Hansen
22 Sep 2020

It feels like everything once old is new again in the motoring scene. Old-school styling is back, people are chopping up classics and fitting them with electric powertrains, and now even the illustrious, perhaps infamous Mini Moke is making a return.

Moke International has confirmed that it will be bringing its wind-in-your-hair adventure Mini back into production via a limited edition reproduction. And, if that goes well, more models are set to come. 

The firm is set to produce 56 special edition Mokes for the UK — one for each year the model was in production between 1964 and 1993. Then a permanent model is on the cards, with the potential for it to be exported internationally — pending its ability to pass various overseas safety tests. 

“Moke is an iconic British brand that has always evoked feelings of fun and freedom,” said Moke International chief Isobel Dando.  

“The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Brigitte Bardot have all been captivated by the personality and unique styling of these iconic cars. We’re excited to relaunch the brand into a new era and introduce Moke to the next generation.”

It won't be an exact copy of the Mokes that Aussies would have become particularly familiar with in the '70s and '80s when they were a prolific sight on Australian roads. The new Moke is a smidge larger and a bit more powerful; the latter achieved via a 1.0-litre four banger producing 50kW of power and 93Nm of torque. It'll even do 110km/h, if you're game. 

It could even call itself high tech, with the addition of power steering and a heated windscreen. There's no Ludicrous Mode though, nor any Autopilot functionality. 

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