Alfa’s new crossover leaked online

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Words: Nile Bijoux
9 Oct 2019

Alfa Romeo’s upcoming Tonale crossover has been leaked online in what looks to be its final production form.

The images come from an internal clinic that compares the vehicle against its future competitors like the Volvo XC40, BMW X2 and Audi Q3. We know it’s close to production because there are a few changes from the version that appeared at the last Geneva Motor Show. This version has larger headlights and revised vents upfront. The lower fascia is more rounded and there are conventional side mirrors in place of rear-facing cameras. Around the back are larger taillights as well.

Alfa will almost certainly put the Tonale into production and given this version was seen next to other production models, it seems the styling is all but set now.

As for how the crossover gets its power, we aren’t entirely sure. Alfa said a plug-in version will be built but didn’t mention when. Otherwise, expect a range of petrol and diesel variants.


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