Alfa Romeo debuts new Tonale crossover

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Words: Nile Bijoux
8 Mar 2019

Alfa Romeo took to the Geneva Motor Show floor to reveal its new plug-in hybrid crossover, the Tonale.

The Tonale is just a concept for now but will apparently make it to production by 2020.

Hopefully, it won’t change too much because this is one of the better looking CUVs we’ve seen recently. According to overseas media, the 33 Stradale wheels, the SZ/Brera triple headlamps and dashboard lines will be seen on the showroom-ready version.

Which is good, because it needs to be really hot to make it in the crowded crossover market. There’s also wraparound glass at the back, a roof spoiler and full-width taillights.

Inside, there are two digital screens, one 12.3-incher on driver instrument duties and another 10.25 inch screen handling the infotainment system. The climate vents come with built-in screens and some LED ambient lighting creating a cozy atmosphere.

Alfa looks to be banking on looks and tech to set its entrant apart, with a plug-in hybrid powertrain being available at launch. No details on either engine or performance are available yet but Alfa will launch the Tonale with conventional internal combustion engines as well. The platform is reportedly sourced from the Jeep Compass and Cherokee, the former also getting a PHEV option as of the Geneva show.

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