Airborne Ranger Raptor ad gets pulled off air

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Words: Nile Bijoux
16 Nov 2018

Political Correctness gone mad? Surely. A Ford television advertisement in Australia showing a Ranger Raptor doing its thing has been pulled off the air after an “unspecified number of complaints.”

The above ad, which is airing in New Zealand, is identical, albeit with different text and no voice-over.

Apparently according to Ad Standards Australia the television ad shows “reckless” driving techniques and “would constitute unsafe driving”.

The advertising watchdog says the Ford ad drew complaints about its focus on speed, acceleration, engine sounds, and one scene - brace yourself - showing all four wheels off the ground. The ban was upheld despite the watchdog agreeing that the ad was filmed on private land, with a professional driver who didn’t exceed 80km/h, and with no other person or vehicle shown.

Ford responded by saying “... the Ranger Raptor is depicted driving off-road for the duration of the Ranger Raptor TVC...Due to the loose nature of the surfaces it travels over, at times some terrain can be seen being displaced by the Ranger Raptor’s off-road tyres.

“Ford feels this is indicative of the off-road surface rather than any sort of dangerous driving (such as burnouts), and adds that this was a private testing facility with all driving approved by the owner of the land.”

However, Ad Standards says that the disclaimer used, was only shown for six seconds, and that viewers couldn’t know that the ad was filmed in a testing area. The panel found that the speed of the vehicle - dramatised by the sound of the engine and filming techniques, appeared reckless and unsafe when the ute became airborne.

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