A $175,000 Honda Civic? Rare Mugen makes headlines

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Words: Matthew Hansen
28 May 2021

Old-school Hondas have never copped as much appreciation as they’re getting right now. Prices of clean performance variants from the 1990s, Type Rs in particular, are going nuts in a combination of nostalgia, hype, and quiet acknowledgement that natural aspiration is dead in the water.

Funnily enough, though, it isn’t a 1990s cult hero that’s setting record prices in the Honda world. Instead its a somewhat obscure tuner model from 2007 — the limited edition Mugen RR. And, one’s just emerged for sale in the UK with an asking price of £89,995, or $175,000.

In 2007 Honda and Mugen decided to make a stripped back, track-focused, limited edition version of the Japanese domestic market Civic Type R — the four-door ‘FD2’. What resulted was the Mugen RR. Just 300 were produced and, according to urban legend, they were all sold out online in just 10 minutes.

They called it the Mugen RR, and it implemented a heap of tech that was ahead of its time — particularly for something based on a humble Civic. Carbon fibre panels and an aluminium bonnet carved off weight. A wider track, a sticker Bridgestone compound, and five-way adjustable suspension gave its footprint more stability.

There was a 12kW power bump, too, via new camshafts, stiffer valve springs, a ram air intake, and a dual exhaust system among other changes. This made for an overall output of 177kW. It came with new slotted brake discs, too, complemented by carbon fibre cooling ducts up front.

This particular example appears to be a pristine one inside and out. Just 52,946km are indicated on the odometer, and its bodywork looks faultless. It also comes with service records, handbooks, and an owners wallet.

The car is up for sale at UK seller TorqueGT. This group imports all sorts of Japanese metal into the UK, but is noted in particular for their Honda imports. Currently, the group has two standard FD2 Civic Type Rs in their showroom, as well as a DC2 Integra Type R and an Accord Euro R.

Regular NZ Autocar readers might be feeling a few pangs of deja vu. That’s because at the beginning of the year we covered a Mugen RR that was for sale in New Zealand for the eye-watering price of $200,000.

It’s understood that the car was successfully sold for the advertised price, before being whisked away from our shores by an overseas buyer. It too was clean inside and out, but had much fewer kilometers logged; 34,000 of them to be precise.

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