2018 Los Angeles Auto Show Bonus Gallery

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Words: Nile Bijoux
7 Dec 2018

While there were plenty of new machines to drool over, the Los Angeles Auto Show played host to a bunch of other awesome vehicles. Check out the gallery above for our favourites.

Of particular highlight was Santa's new Hellcat, based off the new Challenger Redeye. Good for close to 600kW of power, we get the feeling Santa won't be late this year.

Jaguar's Formula E racer was suspended in mid-air, showing off its slick aero-tastic form, and BMW had its iNext SUV concept on display. The Bavarians said the concept will look close to the polarising concept.

Elsewhere, GMC had a Sierra fitted with with triangular tracks to help it across pretty much anything you wanted to cross, powered by a 331kW/1233Nm 6.6-litre Duramax turbo diesel V8.

Porsche had a Lego 911 on show, and VW's electric fans will be pleased to see both the ID R hillclimb racer and the ID Buzz Cargo.

For more, click through the gallery. 

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