Volkswagen call out Tesla with 'abilities Tesla doesn't have'

Words: Nile Bijoux
16 Jul 2017

In possibly the biggest call of the year, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess has said they will be able to "stop" Tesla, despite Tesla having a head start in the market.

Talking to Automotive News, Diess said that "we have abilities that Tesla doesn't have," referring to the VW Group's global scale and manufacturing expertise. Why Diess feels he needs to "stop" Tesla is beyond me - Tesla don't strike me as bad guys.

Elon Musk's company has become the benchmark for any new electric vehicles, and VW are looking for a slice of the EV pie with the signing off on the final design for the all-electric I.D hatchback, similar to the Golf. Deliveries will start in 2020, the same time Tesla is aiming to ship over 1 million cars annually. 

The big thing still riding on Elon Musk and Tesla's shoulders is whether or not they can actually deliver on their promises. So far so good, but Volkswagen can call on years of experience in building and shipping cars to reassure potential new owners. 

However, there's still the matter of 'Dieselgate'. While it was a few years back, it still hurts the company in terms of trust. Obviously emissions aren't important when it comes to purely electric cars, but the damage to the company's reputation has been done.


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