These are the sweet sounds of a BMW straight-six at 9,600RPM

Words: Nile Bijoux
11 Sep 2017

A straight six with little baffling and a car surrounding it screaming up a hill? Yes please.

At the Lebanese Hillclimb Championship recently, spectators were treated to Naoum Oneissy's BMW E30 absolutely ripping up the track.

Taken from the description: "Powered by a highly tuned 3.0 version of the M3 E46 engine (a destroked S54 unit),  this sonorous machine is now producing around 440Hp at 9,600 rpm to move only 1000Kg."

It is the current dominator of the RWD Class of the local Championship. Footage is taken from the second and third events of the 2017 Championship.

You can see it getting sideways, cocking a wheel or two and even getting air above. 

NZ Autocar

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