Singer and Williams to create new air-cooled flat-sixes

Words: Nile Bijoux
9 Aug 2017

4.0-litre, 372kW flat-sixes to be precise.

Singer Vehicle Design is based in California and well known for its gorgeous modern-yet-old Porsche reimaginings. Pairing up with Williams Advanced Engineering - a division of the Formula 1 team - to create high-performance air-cooled flat-sixes is a big step towards essentially becoming Porsche from a few decades back. And we love it.

The first in what the company hopes to be many of these engines will be destined for owner Scott Blattner. Production will be headed by technical consultant Hans Mezger, who was responsible for designing the original Porsche flat-six, and will commence on an unsuspecting 4.0-litre engine out of a 1990 911.


Some upgrades slated included four-valve cylinder heads, titanium con-rods, aluminium throttle bodies, dual oil circuits, carbon-fibre intake trumpets and a carbon-fibre air box.

When the dust clears, the engine will produce a huge 372kW and rev to over 9,000rpm. It will go back into the 1990 911, which will most likely have some fiddling done to it by Singer.

Rob Dickinson, Founder of Singer Vehicle Design, said of the project: “Helping our clients realize their unique vision for a reimagined Porsche 911 with the help of automotive royalty is very much a privilege. Singer is delighted to be working with Williams Advanced Engineering and Hans Mezger to offer our clients a “next level” of restoration and modification services for their Porsche 911s. With careful and dedicated development, this iconic air-cooled engine has much to give both its existing devotees and a generation of new enthusiasts.”

So far, there are two other clients asking for similar builds. However, the press release includes this little nugget: "... the full culmination of this exciting work with Williams and other technical partners will be revealed shortly and will represent a stand-alone selection of restoration and modification services strongly oriented towards light-weighting and dynamic gains."

By the sounds of it, Blattner's engine is but one example of what Singer and Williams are working on. Sounds good to us.


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